Helping companies extend and expand their talent choices when hiring! We create custom flexible recruitment plans based on your needs.

Find People

From night janitors to CEOs, we’ve done it all. Every open job is someone’s dream opportunity, and we love finding the right “fit.” These can be hourly or commissioned projects.
We are flexible.  

Recruiting Partner

Think of this as your dedicated temporary recruiter! Just pay for what you need. No assignment too big or small. We have remote offices already established and can come onsite for key meetings.

Surge Recruiting

Have a mass hiring event? Need to hire a lot of people, quickly?

We’ve got experience with that too. We love watching businesses grow!

Recruiting Best Practices

Need help with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), process, work-flow, communication templates, offer letter formatting, or a review/audit on existing hiring practices?

Tips on employment branding and recruitment analytics?

Let’s talk!

About Us

Extendra is a Boise Idaho based recruiting firm that offers a variety of flexible ways to hire and find talent. Founded in 2015, our primary focus is Boise jobs with occasional opportunities in other cities or remote locations.

Your company has aspects that are AMAZING and it’s a privilege for us to share your organization’s strengths with Top Talent!

  • We get the joy of mining out the “gold” in your company and the role, because good recruiting is more marketing and sales, than it is human resources!
  • Recruiting is like dating and finding the right match. We also want to make it a pleasant, warm, kind process for all involved- and minimize awkward bumps along the way.
  • The whole recruiting process is an interview! You can be sure we are carefully evaluating the whole candidate process.

  • We also aren’t all fluff – if there are parts of the job that are not desirable, we like to be honest and real upfront with candidates, who doesn’t like authenticity? FIT is key for all involved!
  • Extendra is also known for being a more affordable recruitment option because we are crazy efficient, and love to cross pollinate candidates. Our record time to fill from post-to-hire is 2 days.


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Boise based recruiting team, here we are! Experience in technology, e-commerce, start-ups, construction, real estate, food industry, manufacturing, logistics, c-suite, agriculture, science, research & development, healthcare, university positions, non-profits, what will we add on our list tomorrow? Accepting new challenges today!

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Talent Specialist

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